The coming together of iconic legacy flavor companies, backed by the power of IFF, is the distinctive foundation on which Tastepoint's success was built.

"Today, we're one company, fueled by passion and enhanced by the technology and insights of IFF. We're better because we're small enough to care and big enough to make it happen."

"Our purpose is to be the spark that advances our customers. We’re an agile, energetic partner with a fresh perspective. Together, we'll create a fresh take on taste."

Uniting skill and soul. Chemistry and creativity. Freshness and familiarity. We solve customer challenges and craft consumer delight. We’re always ready to meet you at the table.

In the direction of flavorings and food ingredients, the "Shvidi Meat" company has been cooperating with one of the most famous companies in Europe since 2016, Etol, a company that was part of the Frutarom group of companies and is known for its diverse and innovative solutions in the production of food supplements.

The company Frutarom Etol was founded in 1933 and became an innovator in the field of gastronomic experience. In 2015, Frutarom Etol acquired the leading Russian company PTI, a producer of ingredients for the meat, dairy and gastronomic industries.

In 2018, Frutarom Etol was acquired by IFF, which, in order to work with local clients as efficiently and flexibly as possible, created a subsection Tastepoint by IFF in the IFF division, which is a new model of partnership in creating taste.

The IFF company has been creating its history since 1889 - it is a flagship in the field of creating unique taste sensations that change the world.

The main principle of the company is striving for innovation. The products of the mentioned company are actively used in the production of non-alcoholic beverages and food in different countries of the world. LLC "Shvidi Meat" sells Testpoint products in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.