BESEL GROUP is a leading manufacturer of flexible materials for industrial and packaging businesses. The company is located in Korlu, Turkey.

BESEL has been processing non-ferrous metals since 1975, performing lamination, coating, extrusion, and cutting (such as aluminum, copper); plastic films (such as polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.); Papers and textiles Films, foils, and tapes are their passion.

The company has three main business directions:

FLEXIBLE PACKAGING INDUSTRY: BESEL- manufactures various types of foils, tapes, and sheets with extrusion coating for post-printing and production of flexible packaging such as Paper / PE / ALU / PE (Coffee), Paper / PE (Sugar, Pepper, and Salt Pack), ALU/PE /paper/PE (butter foil), etc.

Cable Industry: BESEL- manufactures various types of foils, tapes, and sheets for the cable industry, such as Copolymer Aluminum Tapes, Alum/PET Films, Copolymer Coated Steel Films, PET Films, Fleece Tapes, Cable Papers, Glass Cloth Tapes, etc.

Disposable food packaging: BESEL- manufactures aluminum household foil, aluminum containers, and PE food stretch film - The HVAC and insulation industry: also manufactures various structures such as protective foil and vapor barrier foil by laminating and coating aluminum foil. BESEL operates with an ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 18000, ISO 10002, and ISO 9001 certified quality system.